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Buyer Beware. . .

So, you’ve finally decided on a house floor plan that suits your needs.  Now what?

Buying a home whether it’s a manufactured or modular home requires the same planning as purchasing a stick built home.  

Where are you going to place your home? Do you own land? Where are you getting your home from?   How does your home get set in place once it is built, who does the actual work needed for you to get a certificate of occupancy, how about your utility hook-ups, what about the water table for your area, did you remember you will need a crane to take the home from where the dealer leaves it to the actual site, which is the best way to position the home on your land, do you need permits, and the list goes on and on.   

Stop! Take a deep breath and call Somerset Cent’re Estate Sales, Inc.  800-552-1902 or 517-688-9276!! We are a turn key dealer doing business in south central Michigan for over 50 years.  We know the ins and outs to get your home ordered, set and ready to move in!!

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