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Buying a house is a really big deal!

It will probably be the largest financial commitment you will make.  I had a client say to me when I asked him how he felt about buying his home – he said “I’m excited and scared at the same time!”

Let us help you.  

Things you should consider before buying a house:

Size – although it’s tempting to go big – this is not always to your advantage.  Consider that a big house will require heating and cooling space that you probably don’t need at this time.  Extra space means more area to decorate and the cost can easily blow your budget.  Consider buying a house that fits your need now.  Upsizing is always an option as your needs change.  The same can be said for downsizing when the kids have grown and left home.

Roof/foundation– is the roof new, in good shape, what’s the R value?  Roofing costs can go through the roof (pun intended) so be sure that a professional inspector looks at the roof and gives you an honest statement of the condition.  You don’t want to buy the house and then end up having to spend a bundle to replace the roof.  Having your house set up with a new roof can give you peace of mind.

Electrical/Sewer/HVAC – all of these are important.  If your heart is set on a Victorian type house, the electrical wiring might be an issue that will need to be updated to keep you safe.  The age of the house will determine what type of wiring was used, how old is the furnace, air conditioner and water heater.  All of these can be costly if they need to be replaced right away. Buying a manufactured home ensures that all wiring, HVAC and sewer are following state codes.

Appliances – what appliances are being sold with the home?  Do you need to go out and buy kitchen appliances?  Do the appliances work?  Remember, this can add a few thousand dollars if you have to replace the kitchen appliances.  Most manufactured homes come with standard kitchen appliances included.

Make sure there are no signs of water damage.  There is no water damage when you purchase a new manufactured home. Manufactured houses are built in controlled environment and are not built outside and exposed to various elements.

The right neighborhood/community – are you where you want to be?  How are the schools in the area?  Is the area family friendly, pet friendly, are there stores for grocery shopping, pharmacies, dry cleaners, etc. close by?  All of these are important questions to answer when choosing the right community for you.  Somerset Cent’re Estates is a great community to live and raise a family.  We invest in our community and keep it looking as good as possible.

Buying a new house does not mean that there will be no issue once it is finished, but rather, having us deal with any issues that arise is comforting and easier for you.  We stand behind our manufacturers and work towards one common goal – a happy customer.

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